Monday, 11 April 2011

Software above the level of a single device

"I made "software above the level of a single device" one of the key principles in my Web 2.0 talks. Nonetheless it seems to me that this is still one of the principles that is not properly understood, or is understood only in the most obvious sense.

And that obvious sense is this: by definition, every web application is software above the level of a single device. At minimum, these applications use a client on a local computer and one or more server computers. In the case of applications like Google, the server end may consist of hundreds of thousands of machines, and, of course, the data held on those servers is gathered from literally hundreds of millions of other computers. So clearly, this is software above the level of a single device." (Tim O'Reilly 2007) 

A long time ago, I had the Google Mobile App. Then I just kind of gave up on it and deleted it. It didn't do anything particularly useful, and was no better than launching Mobile Safari for searches. The voice feature was nice, but launching the app and trying to use the command usually took longer than launching the browser and just searching manually. But the brand new Google Search App is as huge improvement over that, and I may actually keep it. Below will be a video link to show your whats different about Google Search App. 
Google Search App is an application using the power of Google Search Engine Server, to revolutionize users from searching information using other than typing text from keypad.
Now I will explain the reasons why Google Search have became uniquely different from the mobile browsers and how they have marvelously link the app and their server on searching information or whatever you want on the web. Below I will be using some of the screenshots from the iPhone and explain how to use it.
Having the awesome voice searching engine by Google Search apps is totally great, which is pretty accurate and instant search from its search engine. Below will be a video link on how Voice Search works and screenshot from the iPhone. 
Another awesome features is the Google Goggles which have an ability something like the text recognition where you can take a photo using your iPhone camera of a book or a painting, Google Goggles will detect the words or text on the photo taken and have a search on their great search engine. For more clearer upstanding on how it works please watch the video link below, and I have also taken a screenshot of how Google Goggles look like on iPhone. 
Google search engine on a laptop or desktop might be one of the most fantastic engine ever. But having it on the mobile smartphone like iPhone, which have totally revolutionize the way search engine works. No longer need to type out the text to search for what you want, just need to read for your mouth or taking photos of what you seeing. The interactive user experience is slowly evolving into our daily lifestyle, maybe in the near future "Check In" is no longer needed to press on buttons but just activating it with voice command.... 

Quote from Tim O'Reilly Article
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  1. Google goggles is great. It's like a 6th sense. Although privacy concerns plague it soon to be released facial recognition feature.

  2. Absolutely, but i hop that in the future they can just recognized the objects instantly. You are right that the facial recognition features might be abit to over... I love their accuracy on their voice search tho.