Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lightweight Models and Cost Effective Scalability

Businesses migrate from ad hoc Web 2.0 use toward more formal approaches, welcoming O’Reilly’s “small is the new big” adage with open arms, it’s essential to deliver not just technologically but to adapt corporate models for more scalable and cost-effective change. 

Not everyone knows or heard about cloud storage

But some people, who knew about it, think that it’s an awesome idea to have everything in the cloud, but some think that it’s nothing special, unsafe or no security. Cloud Storage in the beginning isn’t supported by many industries, as they think it’s expensive and not workable or profitable at all.
As time goes by technology have changed and so does the thinking of the people using it. I would love to share with you a great example, Amazon Cloud Drive which allows you to upload your documents in the cloud, but that’s not all it have one unique features known as cloud player, which allows you to play your music, video and photos on the Web. It’s not like a Dropbox that allows you to store your files. Below there will be a video to explain how Amazon Cloud Drive works.
The promise of a product like Amazon's Cloud Drive is that you can upload all of the precious media files from all of your computers and devices (home, work, phone) to one common place, so that you're never stranded without access to your digital media.
Aside from Amazon's handy cross-platform uploader and downloader utilities and its browser-based tools for viewing, downloading, and streaming your stuff, Amazon is also throwing in a Cloud Player feature within the Amazon MP3 application for Android. Using the free app, you can stream all the music you have stored in the cloud, or download your tracks on the fly for offline playback.
Amazon is brilliant, in the sense that it has its existing businesses like it’s Online Departmental Store, Instant Video – which allows online movie rental and purchase, MP3 Music store, and cloud services. Now with the Cloud Drive, it’s combining almost everything of its existing business into one. They know that cloud storage is going to be big someday, and they took the first step in releasing it before anyone does. Although from my point of view, I think that Apple’s upcoming release on its cloud services know as iCloud might be a its biggest challenger. With the existing businesses of Amazon, to them its lighter on the cost to create Cloud Drives, and in order to attract more users, all it existing customers will be granted 5GB of storage spaces and they also welcoming new users too. Comparing to Dropbox only offering 2GB of storage and does not pack with additional features like Cloud Player.  
In conclusion, I think that Amazon Cloud Drive will be a big hit, and its true that everything is going to be all about web. Google Chromebook (video link below to let you know more) is the best example on how the WEB is going to dominate the IT industry, where there won’t be any OS, won’t be any programs, it’s going to be just the WEB. So Amazon, Google and Apple is seeing the big picture here, making everything live online or real-time. 

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  1. Amazon cloud player is really interesting program, but I think about if people who download any songs from the program, they are became a pirate, aren't they.

  2. Neat post. Amazon cloud player does certainly broadens the mind of a radiohead on how it he/she will manipulate their music content.

  3. Great post! However I have a doubt about this cloud services. What happen if all the music and videos that you upload are illegal (torrents, emule, Mirc, etc) I mean can they give the information to Sony for example to prosecute you?


  4. Hmmm i think the proper way to answer this will be that illegal copies to be uploaded will be not be tolerated by the media industry and we shouldn't. But i understand your concern about this issue, you have raised a good question on the flexibility of playing media files in the cloud, and what if we have private copies of music or ripped music from physical cds or dvds. Hopefully that the big Apple will be coming up with all the solutions on their upcoming iTunes with cloud features soon. Thanks for raising a good question :> Cheers Steve :>

  5. Amazons Cloud Drive is interesting, but when Apple launches their cloud service, I favorize Apple. Do you know if Amazon has a player on the iPhone?