Monday, 28 March 2011

Rich User Experiences

Web technologies are obviously built for this scenario, so
  • HTML/HTML 5 is likely most important (search engine visibility is important for most sites).
  • AJAX is likely to enhance functionality but probably should be used with care (for accessibility and not impacting search engine visibility, browser navigation, bookmarking, etc.).

I have a great example for rich user experience; usually we have “apps” on our smart phones like the famous iPhone or Android, but now there is Web Apps and Google Web Browser aka Chrome is one of the innovative browser that evolve everyone’s web experience with its amazing user experience. Below I have created a web category diagram for all the different type of apps that Chrome have. Please click on the diagram to have a better view of the diagram. To know more about Google Chrome's framework please read from this link or watch this video link
Below will be a screenshot of Chrome's very own App Page. There is a couple of apps that I would like to share with you, which i felt that they have great GUI and enhancing the web application experience. Users can simply download the apps from Chrome Web Store. To know more about Chrome Web Store, please watch this video link to understand more on how the app works in Chrome. 
Welcome to the new twitter experience on a Chrome Browser, below will be the screen shots of TweetDeck comparing with the official Twitter web site. Please click to enlarge to have a better look for the difference between TweetDeck and Twitter. TweetDeck is using the HTML5 technology behing the app. Read more information here.  
TweetDeck on Chrome have more control over editing and viewing the tweets comparing with the original Twitter web site. TweetDeck is not all about Twitter only, it also have the Facebook API integration which allow user to view their profile and replying messages to their friends too. They even have the additional Foursquare API which allows you to view some of the wonderful locations that your friends or family members have been to and their reviews of the location too. 
TweetDeck can let the user to view Twitter + FacebookFoursquare + Google Buzz in one web window. User doesn't need to open up multiple windows just to view the updates. To know more information regarding TweetDeck, this will be the video link to understand more.

IMO Instant Messenger 
Its integrated with Chrome and works fantastically with it. The great thing about IMO is that its not just working with MSN account only but with the others like Google Talk, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook, MySpace, AIM and Jabber. Below I will be sharing some of the screenshots of IMO and the GUI on a Chrome too. On the screen shots of the chat screen, clearly can see that they have put some animations along with it, making everything look more interactive, and attracting the lots of users using it due to its simplicity GUI navigation & design. It also being awarded a People Choice Award 2011 by

Other than Google Docs' Presentation productivity, now Chrome user can have another great choice, by using SlideRocket who is greatly using the HTML5 framework architecture. It also enabling the latest Apple iOS devices like iPhone & iPad for user to create/edit and share slides. Below I will be sharing some of the screenshots of SlideRocket of how its GUI looks like on a Chrome and a video link here to know more about SliderRocket. It totally look like a actual application software on a desktop. 
Due to the web technology enhancement, user experience also evolving into another level. A normal internet browser like Chrome is also slowly adapting and recreating user experience of using smart phone apps to its browser, which simply provide the user a familiar tech environment with user-friendly and interactive navigation & design. 

Youtube Video about TweetDeck on Chrome:
Official TweetDeck Info:

Official IMO Instant Messenger screenshots and information: 


  1. I think the iPad 2 has taken a significant step with HTML 5. Now the Android users can't laugh at the Apple users and say: you don't have Flash! Imagine this scenario where everyone goes to school carrying a tablet with their Wi-Fi switched on to use all these web-based softwares(RIAs). You do your projects and read your lecture notes on all these light weight devices. Paperless!

  2. Great examples of Rich user experiences - couldn't live without tweetdeck! To me its a perfect example of useability and simplicity - the right amount of complexity to make it useful, while still keeping it simple enough that you don't need a manual to use it.

    I agree with Angjer - Ipad 2 is a significant step forward, but until organisations update their old flash sites my iPad will never replace a desktop. (or in my case, macbook pro!)


  3. HTML5 is just a way for Apple to say no to Flash.
    But for my personal experience, Flash do slow down my browser speed and causing crashs on sites. Thats why now Chrome or Firefox have the extensions for Flash Block.

    Love the iPad :>

  4. Super agree with the downside of Flash. My Droid phone is starting to get laggy everytime i load the web browser. I hope google will implement HTML 5 for future OS updates. What do you guys think about HTML 5 setting a new benchmark for RIAs?

  5. Good example of a rich user experience. Definitely has usability and user-centered design in mind just as the iPhone does. Anyway good luck with the assignment.

  6. seems like a similar application like meebo. Good example of a rich user experience.

  7. excelent article, I haven't been sold on Chrome or tweetdeck as yet, but i think i shall have to give it a GO.